Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Inspirational Shows!

So I wanted to share with you all my favorite weight loss inspirational shows and what I like/ don't like about them. Most of you have probably already seen these shows, but if you haven't- they are a must see! :)

The first weight loss show I watched was Heavy on A&E. I love watching the train wreck shows like Hoarders & Intervention- so it's set up the same way- 2 individuals and their weight loss journeys. They're partnered up together for their stay. The show started and now it's in a difference place- randomly the trainers were different people and the programs changed from 1 month in the controlled environment to 6 months. Although I think 6 months is more realistic for a real life style change- I liked the previous trainers a lot better. I <3 the motivation from someone telling me to just do something- I'll fight back, but do it and feel so much better after. lol Heavy doesn't go very in depth other than their beginning stories. I wish A&E would have eased this transition a little more smoothly, because the filming seemed to change as well- and I feel like we spend a lot less time hearing their stories and more time seeing them work out and weigh in. Maybe it's just me, but I liked the first few episodes the best. lol My biggest complaint is the people they've chosen to participate on the show. Some of them seem to have no motivation and I get so upset seeing the update that they gained weight back or are only maintaining their loss when they still have so much to lose- 6 months isn't going to fix the problem, it's a lifetime of healthy choices.

MTV's I Used To Be Fat is about teenagers graduating high school and wanting to drop weight before going to college. The parents really piss me off on this show a lot. lol Most of the parents don't support their child's need to lose weight and it's just so wrong- who wouldn't want their child to make healthy choices? I feel like some of them are probably a little immature to really grasp why they are addicted to food, but I like the trainers they've chose for the show, and some of their transformations are phenomenal!

And my personal favorite- Ruby! It airs on mystyle network- whatever that is. lol I don't have cable so I've watched seasons 1 & 2 on instant Netflix and can't wait to be able to watch season 3. It is about Ruby's weight loss journey and life and goes so deep into her issues with food, the mental blocks, the successes, the things being fat keeps her from doing, and it really hits home for me- because this is a mental thing and has to be treated as one. She is such an inspiration and I definitely recommend watching it- I love her personality!  I don't like that her team doesn't want to work together- her doctor, dietician trainers and therapist all pull at her from different directions and I felt so bad for Ruby!  I made my own "weight loss bucket list" because she inspired me so much with all the things she started doing :)

I cry and cry and cry every episode of these shows I watch- If you have any great shows or documentaries you love about weight loss please let me know! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm so excited about your weightloss journey!! I've started mine too. I lost 35 pounds last year. I was going to the gym alot and had lost about 45 and then gained 10 pounds back and now losing again. I'm currently at 69 pounds lost from my highest weight last year. :) I'm excited about the changes I have seen in my body and health. Keep going Laci!! We can do it!!!