Monday, April 4, 2011

South Mountain- Hiking!

My friend Danyell and I have been going to South Mountain and have been hiking this one trail on the regular because it's one mountain peak down the ridges across I believe 5 hills or so... I always lose count lol  Here's some of the photos I took last Friday on the hike!  I'm sad that it's getting hot already here in AZ- but planning on hiking 3 times this week and the temp should be a little lower than it was last week. :)

Hill #1!

Top of Hill #1 with Downtown Phoenix in the background


Looking down from the top of Hill #1

Hill #2- It's bigger than it looks!

Told you!  This is at the very bottom before going up it!

On my way up- taking a break- Danyell looks tiny to show you this hill is NO JOKE.  lol

Gorgeous Day!

Looking down when I got to the top!

Hill #3!- not too bad...
Looking towards Tempe

Looking down on a bunch of trails looking towards Phoenix
Cheese!  lol

Hill #4
Ok so this is walking up Hill #4 you follow the hill on the left- then it connects with that trail on the right- goes up those ridges all the way back along where you see the trail on the left side far ridge- That's Hill #5- We've gone up it twice and it's a killer!  We didn't go this Friday since it had been 2 weeks since we had gone and it was sooo hot already at 10am.

Hill #5 from the bottom looking up- you can't even see the top- this is only the first little ridge!  When we Hike it again I will have to take another pic! :)

I've never liked hiking- but as I start to enjoy it more and more... I know I am definitely changing for the better- I love being out and about outdoors and I'm going to be so sad when summer hits and I can't go outside other than to swim!  lol

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  1. Gadfrey, girl!! Those hills look total killer. You are a superstar! Way to push yourself. I haven't ventured out hiking... but will have to get brave enough to do those hills soon!