Sunday, April 10, 2011 My Secret Weapon Unleashed!

No gimmicks here, no membership fees- just a simplistic site to log your food and exercise for the day- and a community full of other motivated people ready to answer your questions and encourage and motivate you more- and sweet geezus gotta love the success story pictures- REAL people losing weight the right way, changing their lifestyles for the healthier.  And if you act now- you can add me now and get the bonus of my MFP(MyFitnessPal) peeps- It's kind of awkward saying anything other than peeps- it's already my fitness pal- pals?  is it just my fitness pals?  -ANYWAYS-  I'll invite them to add you too.  I often refer to MFP as Facebook for Fat People- but really it's full of a lot of fit people as well.

Here's the nifty login page at

Here's a sample of my Food Diary

I will tell you this as well- If you notice on my diary- I don't consume nearly as many calories as it says I can have a day.  My goal is set by my height & weight at a 2lbs a week loss and is right now I believe at 1940 calories.  The MFP way of losing weight is eating back the calories burned while exercising- I DON'T follow this at all.  I eat 1200-1300 calories a day-because that is above my starvation mode (I saw a dietician/ nutritionist) and a good place to lose weight steadily for me.  Either my way or the MFP way works for different people- but I love MFP and the free tools they offer.... including apps for certain phones :)

Hurry, don't delay!  You're one step closer to a healthier, happier you- all you have to do is love yourself and know you are worth it! :)  My screen name on MFP is PB2MYJ add me! 


  1. Here here! Wholeheartedly agree. I love MFP! And I like the word peeps:)

  2. Kim- Peeps is a great word- isn't it?!

    To all of you out there- Kim follows the MFP way and has lost a lot of weight- see we both have different ways and they both work! :)