Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weigh in today- not such a great idea!

I knew that Aunt Flo was right around the corner, but I thought I'd be ok to weigh in this morning since it's a few days away.  I step on the scale and I'm only .2 lbs down from Sunday- usually I'm at least 1.5-3.0 lbs down- so I'll take it as water weight for Aunt Flo coming.  lol  Don't you just love Mother Nature and her monthly gift?  NOT lol   Always has it alll wrong you CAN'T have a "Happy" period.  lol

LoL Sorry had to!

I find Mother Nature hilarious- just like I love Flo from Progressive-

Ohhh and who could forget the Nationwide Guy?

Tangents- I'm great at them! :)

Welcome to My Blog!

At the beginning of my weight loss journey-  (JANUARY!)   I said I would do vlog's (video blogs) to track my progress.  Well I did record a few videos and well I don't know how to use my software on my macbook well so it never got posted.  I've decided I'd rather do a regular blog and I may figure the vlog thing out eventually (don't count on it) lol

I started January 14, 2011 on my weight loss journey.  And all I can say is WOW.  It's hard work, but not as hard as I thought it'd be- it just takes priority in my life now, because I AM worth it and I know it is only going to improve my quality of life both physically and mentally!  I CAN DO THIS!

I've come to realize that food is fuel for my body- and that life shouldn't revolve around food-  It really is hard in our society where food is common at every social gathering and value menus a plenty- it takes some serious willpower- but if you never take your eyes off your goal- it can only lead to success!  Duh!  Why did I NEVER get this before?  I tried diet after diet, never getting more than 20ish pounds off before gaining it back twice as fast and twice as much- yea yea.  I'm pretty ashamed of how far I let myself get.  My first weigh in I was a wait for the jaw to drop- 345.4 lbs.  WTF!  Seriously!?  I was at least 20 lbs heavier than I thought I was... What a wake up call.  I'm 5'9" ish- and a larger bone structure- but I should be around highest range of like 170lbs give or take a few pounds. 1/2 of my body mass was FAT.  Gross.  I should also explain I have gone through some tough times in my life and a creature of my environment growing up- but it took me until I was 25, almost 26 to finally get that I was in fact killing myself.  It's all in the past now and I have to dump my Inner Fat Girl- it's going to be a long process, but she's held me back long enough- I'm ready to shine for once!

Food is a tricky addiction- yes I'm admitting it- I HAVE A FOOD ADDICTION.  You have to be honest with yourself before you can be honest with anyone else.  Most addictions like alcohol and drugs you quit doing them- they are no longer a part of your life, but with food you have to eat to survive- so it's like telling a crack head here this is alllll you get and the quality isn't as good and won't fulfill your desire as much.  20 bucks says the crackhead will be jones'n and going on a crack binge soon after.  Sooo anyways..... I've been learning how to eat healthy, but this is a lifestyle change for me and I'm not going to deprive myself of treats here and there- but that's all they are- a single serving size treat.  Let me tell you- girl scout cookies have never lasted this long in any house I lived in- and ice cream too- sitting in there for months... MONTHS a thing of GS cookies and ice cream would have usually been gone in a few days if ur lucky close to a week lol.  So yes healthy food IS more expensive, but guess what YOU DON'T EAT AS MUCH- so everything in your cupboards lasts forever as long as you're putting them in airtight containers. :)  It's a wonderful marvelous journey so far!  I've had my ups and downs but been steadily losing minus one sick week where I didn't lose much since I couldn't exercise.  But as of last Sunday I was at 310 lbs :)

I weigh in tomorrow and I'll get more in detail about what I've been doing for motivation and workout plans! :)  Ciao for now!