Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weigh in today- not such a great idea!

I knew that Aunt Flo was right around the corner, but I thought I'd be ok to weigh in this morning since it's a few days away.  I step on the scale and I'm only .2 lbs down from Sunday- usually I'm at least 1.5-3.0 lbs down- so I'll take it as water weight for Aunt Flo coming.  lol  Don't you just love Mother Nature and her monthly gift?  NOT lol   Always has it alll wrong you CAN'T have a "Happy" period.  lol

LoL Sorry had to!

I find Mother Nature hilarious- just like I love Flo from Progressive-

Ohhh and who could forget the Nationwide Guy?

Tangents- I'm great at them! :)

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