Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goal #1 Met & Other Victories!

Life has just been in the way of my posts this like week or so- been stressing out- my HS was out of control- I ended up in urgent care, then after a whole week down with flare ups, I got back to business with Bob and the Biggest Loser Workout videos- and then 2 days later woke up sick with a stuffy head, headache and itchy throat.- luckily the second day I was able to get a work out in, but Bob kicked my ass with Cardio Max!  My ass muscles still hurt 3 days later!!! lol  Yes I do in fact have muscles in places I never knew existed- it's quite a strange feeling, but I feel lighter on my feet and that's such a big deal to me- at first I didn't see the weight coming off, now I feel it and I know I'm well on my way to 100 lbs lost in a year.  My weigh in on Thursday I was down 4 pounds!  Even after being sick and only working out a few of the days- so I was super ecstatic- but for the main reason- because my scale said 299.8 lbs!!!!  That's right- I met my first goal of 299 and finally said adios to the 300's and now looking forward to beating down the 200's! :)  I literally had tears of joy streaming down my face and a big smile across my face. lol  I just weighed in this morning and I'm down another 3.2 lbs- crazy that I lost more weight this week exercising less than usual- Do you think this is just a great loss to make up for the last week, or I'm wondering if I was exercising too much before?  I was working out at least 5 times a week, Sometimes I have a day or 2 down a week from flare ups.... might be something to experiment with and see how I do.

I've been super worried about summer coming here in Arizona, and on Monday's hike I realized it's already too warm, we saw a rattlesnake and ever since I am feeling hesitant about hiking at all- I know they've been out there before now- but my anxiety was just so bad the rest of that hike I just don't know!  EKKK!  Sucker was about 2 ft long, fat and not very old since the rattle was pretty short- but now I feel super paranoid lol!

I find it super exciting that I can wear clothes I haven't fit into in years, but at the same time it's so annoying- my pants are all too big, or too tight still!  I realized I only kept my nice clothes so I'm really going to need to do some second hand shopping soon! :)  I've started folding up clothes that are too big on me and the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger as I try on clothes I wore in January- I'm swimming in most of them now! :)

Hope you're all having a great Easter weekend!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take Before & Progress Pics!

So yesterday was weigh in day- was not expecting any loss since I haven't been able to workout since last Saturday.  Wednesday my flares got so bad I had to go to Urgent Care to get some antibiotics and pain medicine for the infections.  Well I stepped on the scale and was down .8 lbs after I ate half a grapefruit and drank some SoBe Lifewater- so we'll say a pound even without the exercise- so although 1 pound in a week is a way slower weight loss it makes me feel better that even when I'm down and out with a flare-up I will still lose something! :)  I was uploading some pics from my friend Sammie's camera from our trip in October last year to my hometown San Diego.  Here's some pictures from that trip- and I'll include newer pics since I started this journey-although I still have a long long way to go- I'm glad I'm where I am and no longer look like these next few photos!  lol

Here I am stuffing my face!  Perfect Before pictures with junk food in them lol

Me & Ericka (eeeekie on MFP) Oct 2010

 Me- same weekend

This picture I despise.... but it shows just how far I've come already- never going back to that!
Me & Sammie!

Me & Sammie Next day! (Oct 2010)

December 2010

And now for the most recent pics!
My Birthday Weekend February 2011- 1 month after lifestyle change

Same Night

 March 2011

 March 2011- 2 months in- 30 lbs down

April 8, 2011- 40 lbs down!

I'm needing motivation lately since I've been sick and out- so I figured looking through my progress pics could help me see what I've accomplished and to keep pressing forward- it definitely works- so if you haven't started taking pics at least once a month I encourage you to- even if you don't want to share them- for your own accountability and motivation. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Losing Weight While Dealing With a Debilitating Disease

         I haven't been very active blogging the last week or so because I've been stressed and down.  It comes with the territory of having a debilitating disease like the one I have called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This disease is genetic- but they aren't sure what genes or anything specific.  Unfortunately there hasn't been much research to help those of us who suffer from it, but I'm hoping to help change that.  I would go all into detail about HS- but you can research it if you're curious- just to warn you the pictures will be graphic and gross and if you're queazy just don't google it k?  lol  Basically my apocrine/ sweat glands get clogged and become infected and it is very very very VERY (I can not emphasize it enough) painful.  I've been dealing with it since puberty and there are no known treatments that really work well- some go into remission for years, but it can be brought on by hormonal changes and stress.  Unfortunately since I've started this lifestyle change the HS has gotten worse in areas- but I also know the smaller I get, the less folds of skin I will have- so in certain areas it could get better, even though other areas are worse, the weight loss has been wonderful for my depression the HS helped cause and I finally feel like I am able to be somewhat normal on my good days.  This last week was stressful- and I was lacking motivation because of it- and I stepped on the scale Sunday and I weighed exactly the same as Thursday- I was devastated because I always have a loss- even though I know I wasn't giving my 110% the few days before so I knew why- but I did workout each day and was under calories... so I guess just not pushing myself as hard stalled me.  I had also woke up with a new flare up on my inner thigh so no exercise yesterday or today- but I think tomorrow I should be able to- I miss my exercise- and my weight loss!  lol    I'm not sure why I'm so hard on myself- I obviously can't control the disease and I know I've done great having to deal with the HS- I just hate wasting time when I could be dropping more pounds!  :)  I think I'm addicted! At least for once in my life it's a healthy addiction!  :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011 My Secret Weapon Unleashed!

No gimmicks here, no membership fees- just a simplistic site to log your food and exercise for the day- and a community full of other motivated people ready to answer your questions and encourage and motivate you more- and sweet geezus gotta love the success story pictures- REAL people losing weight the right way, changing their lifestyles for the healthier.  And if you act now- you can add me now and get the bonus of my MFP(MyFitnessPal) peeps- It's kind of awkward saying anything other than peeps- it's already my fitness pal- pals?  is it just my fitness pals?  -ANYWAYS-  I'll invite them to add you too.  I often refer to MFP as Facebook for Fat People- but really it's full of a lot of fit people as well.

Here's the nifty login page at

Here's a sample of my Food Diary

I will tell you this as well- If you notice on my diary- I don't consume nearly as many calories as it says I can have a day.  My goal is set by my height & weight at a 2lbs a week loss and is right now I believe at 1940 calories.  The MFP way of losing weight is eating back the calories burned while exercising- I DON'T follow this at all.  I eat 1200-1300 calories a day-because that is above my starvation mode (I saw a dietician/ nutritionist) and a good place to lose weight steadily for me.  Either my way or the MFP way works for different people- but I love MFP and the free tools they offer.... including apps for certain phones :)

Hurry, don't delay!  You're one step closer to a healthier, happier you- all you have to do is love yourself and know you are worth it! :)  My screen name on MFP is PB2MYJ add me! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

South Mountain- Hiking!

My friend Danyell and I have been going to South Mountain and have been hiking this one trail on the regular because it's one mountain peak down the ridges across I believe 5 hills or so... I always lose count lol  Here's some of the photos I took last Friday on the hike!  I'm sad that it's getting hot already here in AZ- but planning on hiking 3 times this week and the temp should be a little lower than it was last week. :)

Hill #1!

Top of Hill #1 with Downtown Phoenix in the background


Looking down from the top of Hill #1

Hill #2- It's bigger than it looks!

Told you!  This is at the very bottom before going up it!

On my way up- taking a break- Danyell looks tiny to show you this hill is NO JOKE.  lol

Gorgeous Day!

Looking down when I got to the top!

Hill #3!- not too bad...
Looking towards Tempe

Looking down on a bunch of trails looking towards Phoenix
Cheese!  lol

Hill #4
Ok so this is walking up Hill #4 you follow the hill on the left- then it connects with that trail on the right- goes up those ridges all the way back along where you see the trail on the left side far ridge- That's Hill #5- We've gone up it twice and it's a killer!  We didn't go this Friday since it had been 2 weeks since we had gone and it was sooo hot already at 10am.

Hill #5 from the bottom looking up- you can't even see the top- this is only the first little ridge!  When we Hike it again I will have to take another pic! :)

I've never liked hiking- but as I start to enjoy it more and more... I know I am definitely changing for the better- I love being out and about outdoors and I'm going to be so sad when summer hits and I can't go outside other than to swim!  lol