Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goal #1 Met & Other Victories!

Life has just been in the way of my posts this like week or so- been stressing out- my HS was out of control- I ended up in urgent care, then after a whole week down with flare ups, I got back to business with Bob and the Biggest Loser Workout videos- and then 2 days later woke up sick with a stuffy head, headache and itchy throat.- luckily the second day I was able to get a work out in, but Bob kicked my ass with Cardio Max!  My ass muscles still hurt 3 days later!!! lol  Yes I do in fact have muscles in places I never knew existed- it's quite a strange feeling, but I feel lighter on my feet and that's such a big deal to me- at first I didn't see the weight coming off, now I feel it and I know I'm well on my way to 100 lbs lost in a year.  My weigh in on Thursday I was down 4 pounds!  Even after being sick and only working out a few of the days- so I was super ecstatic- but for the main reason- because my scale said 299.8 lbs!!!!  That's right- I met my first goal of 299 and finally said adios to the 300's and now looking forward to beating down the 200's! :)  I literally had tears of joy streaming down my face and a big smile across my face. lol  I just weighed in this morning and I'm down another 3.2 lbs- crazy that I lost more weight this week exercising less than usual- Do you think this is just a great loss to make up for the last week, or I'm wondering if I was exercising too much before?  I was working out at least 5 times a week, Sometimes I have a day or 2 down a week from flare ups.... might be something to experiment with and see how I do.

I've been super worried about summer coming here in Arizona, and on Monday's hike I realized it's already too warm, we saw a rattlesnake and ever since I am feeling hesitant about hiking at all- I know they've been out there before now- but my anxiety was just so bad the rest of that hike I just don't know!  EKKK!  Sucker was about 2 ft long, fat and not very old since the rattle was pretty short- but now I feel super paranoid lol!

I find it super exciting that I can wear clothes I haven't fit into in years, but at the same time it's so annoying- my pants are all too big, or too tight still!  I realized I only kept my nice clothes so I'm really going to need to do some second hand shopping soon! :)  I've started folding up clothes that are too big on me and the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger as I try on clothes I wore in January- I'm swimming in most of them now! :)

Hope you're all having a great Easter weekend!


  1. Way to go Laci!! Keep up the great work. I can't wait until I reach that 299 mark. I think I will scream and probably have to keep weighing until it hits me. Yes, Robin you have gotten under 300. :) I'm so proud of where you have come. I can't wait until I hit that one! I know what you mean about all your clothes being too big. My closet is getting bare. I was so excited that I have reached smaller than I was in high school. I didn't even realize that I was that big in high school. I just can't wait until we get even smaller. :)

  2. HOLY CRIMENY!!! Twoberland for you! That is totally amazing... and all due to hard work and persistence! Congratulations, woman!!

    As for the exercising too much question... can't answer that for sure... you might have to test a few different ways out. Could possibly be that your monstrous exercising sessions combined with your low calorie intake are not giving your body enough fuel... but like I say, the body is a conundrum sometimes! Congrats on the monstrous loss!