Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take Before & Progress Pics!

So yesterday was weigh in day- was not expecting any loss since I haven't been able to workout since last Saturday.  Wednesday my flares got so bad I had to go to Urgent Care to get some antibiotics and pain medicine for the infections.  Well I stepped on the scale and was down .8 lbs after I ate half a grapefruit and drank some SoBe Lifewater- so we'll say a pound even without the exercise- so although 1 pound in a week is a way slower weight loss it makes me feel better that even when I'm down and out with a flare-up I will still lose something! :)  I was uploading some pics from my friend Sammie's camera from our trip in October last year to my hometown San Diego.  Here's some pictures from that trip- and I'll include newer pics since I started this journey-although I still have a long long way to go- I'm glad I'm where I am and no longer look like these next few photos!  lol

Here I am stuffing my face!  Perfect Before pictures with junk food in them lol

Me & Ericka (eeeekie on MFP) Oct 2010

 Me- same weekend

This picture I despise.... but it shows just how far I've come already- never going back to that!
Me & Sammie!

Me & Sammie Next day! (Oct 2010)

December 2010

And now for the most recent pics!
My Birthday Weekend February 2011- 1 month after lifestyle change

Same Night

 March 2011

 March 2011- 2 months in- 30 lbs down

April 8, 2011- 40 lbs down!

I'm needing motivation lately since I've been sick and out- so I figured looking through my progress pics could help me see what I've accomplished and to keep pressing forward- it definitely works- so if you haven't started taking pics at least once a month I encourage you to- even if you don't want to share them- for your own accountability and motivation. :)


  1. Looking fab girl! I want your fat clothes LMAO

  2. LoL Amanda! I don't have a whole lot of fat clothes- but I can save them- I'm sure Ericka might want some of my fat clothes too- haha i have 2 pairs of jeans that are too big- 1 I'm saving for the after picture rofl

  3. Congratulations on your great journey thus far. I am so proud of you and where you have come! I know you can keep Persevering and reach your goal. I really need to start doing monthly photos. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!!! Love you girl. :)

  4. you have been doing so well girl!! dont need to exercise to lose weight sometimes you can keeping your diet in check, which you are..helps a ton!! keep going your doing FAB!!

  5. You are looking Day-um awesome, girl! I can tell a big difference in your befores and durings! Big ole pat on the back for you!

  6. You are looking great girl... congrats, your hard work is paying off. I am a fellow MFP member... make it a great day!